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CoE Review...enter if you dare!

I have to admit I was more than slightly disappointed with the resolution of Series 3/CoE. Thoughts after the cut.


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God, can't believe the ask_verse is over :(
What wil I do with the time I normally spend reading through all 300 or so comments on everyone's pages? Suggestions?


May. 27th, 2009

Does anyone even read this anymore? That's what comes of being off LJ for about a year, I expect :P



Every 38 minutes

Why hellllllo!

No, I'm not dead!
Sorry I haven't answered any messages, comments, emails, commented on yours, paid any bills, fed the cat etc etc etc but I was on a school trip to Florida! 
School trips, not really my sort of thing but the company paid for it so it was a might-as-well thing. We went to the Florida Keys (Largo, Marathon and another one incase you care) and did loads of snorkeling, swimming, kakaking, swimming with dolphins and visiting turtle hospitals. Also inexplicably cutting up a squid.....
So busy doing all of the random stuff (or being me, sitting on a boat while everyone else does it! I'm not fond of the sea.....) I obviously didn't have time to get on the internet! I probably have about six million pages of stuff on my Friends page, so I WILL reply, even if not in this century.....

But never fear, I DID manage to get a bit of DW fangirling in!
Very, VERY odd actually....the two boys in my year who i abhor the most are incredibly into it......fanboyishly into it......

Loads of us were sitting in the hot tub at the hotel staring at the stars and complaining about light pollution when we saw a really really bright one.

Boy 1 - Look, its the Christmas Star!
Boy 2 - With all the spiders inside!
Me  - .........Doctor Who....????
Boys -
You watch Doctor Who?
Me - Hell yeah!

And then we had a nice conversation about DW and TW without any insults, retarded comments etc. Until my friend got out of the pool and got a 'Damn, you're looking fiiiiine' from Boy 2.....

And on the plane I got stuck sitting beside Boy 2 (who is a compleate and utter dickhead, man-slut, scum of the world etc etc etc) and we actually had a civil conversation about the Vasta Nerada, River Song, which-companion-is-the-best, which-doctor-is-the-best, his parents knowing Tennant's parents, Aberdeen and English accents.

I think I may be in a parallel universe, where horrid guys can actually have something nice about them.
God that's weird.

Haven't watched the new  DW, because I'm scared Donna's going to die next week! But I'm about to now......hahahaha I will die of laughter if my theories were right!

Em xXx
 It's my dad's birthday soon, and just coz I'm cool, I'm making him a TARDIS card like the one here http://community.livejournal.com/crafty_tardis/66829.html#cutid1
Except, instead of the little paper people, I'm going to make a little collage of people stuck onto a TARDIS interior background.

Only problem is, I'm a bit stuck on which ones!

I've already got screenshots of Ten, Nine, Rose, Martha, The Master and Harriet Jones (because its a very funny screenshot!). Much as I'd love to be able to stick 6 hundred million trillion people on, Tardis paper is very sadly not bigger on the inside.....so I need suggestions for the best, most memorable characters. I'm going to get a Donna pic and a Dalek, but aside from that I'm a bit stumped. There are so many I want to put on!

Also, if anyone has an interior shot of the Tardis which is better than this

Please send it to me! While I'm pretty sure I'll end up covering Ten and Martha, it would be nice to have one I didn't have to! I'd preferably like one facing the console from the side if poss.


Em xXx
 Thinking about Midnight, the end of series and the Doctor's mental health.
Spoilers for everything inculding some pictures going around:P

Em xXx


Sunday Night Theory Time

My theory on Series Four arc words and random comments by RTD

More than likely been posted before but I like to think I think uniquely

The Medusa Cascade has to do with destroying planets.

Partners In Crime - 'What do you mean lost? How can you lose a planet?' 
Fires of Pompeii - 'What d'you mean, 'gone'? Where's it gone?' 'Pyrovillia is lost'

Might not seem like it's very important, but RTD's said on several occasions that every word in Doctor Who is chosen for a reason, there is no idle conversation, and it definitatly seems like our attention is being draw to it.

He's also said that it's been seeded back even to the first series, so :

Rose - The Nestene Consciousness's planet died
The Long Game - The Jagrafess's planet is kaboom

(I think! It's too late for me to look it all up)

I think our attention was called to these planet deaths as well.

Half series trailer - 'The Darkness is coming'
Forest of the Dead - 'Skies will turn black with the darkness'
(not real quote, I've forgotten it, but it definitly mentioned black skies and darkness...)

If a planet is destroyed, surely this means darkness? The Darkness = Medusa Cascade?

Soooo.........the theory

The Medusa Cascade is a weapon used to destory planets.

Me thinks it's Davros' work, due to the Daleks in the half-series trailer.

However, I don't know all that much about Davros, so maybe I have him all wrong and he'd rather take the Earth out for an ice-cream rather than destory it. But I doubt it.
Maybe he's going to threaten to use it to enslave the Earth? Perhaps that's why all the bees are missing. They're escaping! 'So long, and thanks for all the pollen'?? 

I will actally DIE of laughter if I'm right....

What do you think? 

Em xXx

Monday Edit - 

Inspired by

(most of you know about my never-ending battle with html formatting....grr. Sorry if it messes up - I've given up on the fancy cuts things) 

    2008x01 "Partners in Crime" -- The Adipose parents using Earth as a breeding ground for their children.
    2008x02 "The Fires of Pompeii" -- The Pyrovillians moving in because their own world is lost.
    2008x03 "Planet of the Ood" -- Humans taking over the Oodsphere as a slave farm.
    2008x04/x05 "The Sontaran Stratagem"/"The Poison Sky" -- The Sontarans using Earth as a new clone world, somewhere to raise new clones.
    2008x06 "The Doctor's Daughter" -- Hello blatant offspring reference. And terraforming as a core part of the backstory/plot, another planet remodelled by incomers.
    2008x08/x09 "Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead" -- another planet "lost" because Lux Senior moved in and remodelled it for his own purposes because of his daughter.

So, building on my OP, maybe the Medusa Cascade can be used for creation of planets as well as destruction? And there seems like millions of 'higher species' who's planets (or bodies, coughgelthcough) have been lost from the nasty Time War - plenty of people who would follow someone who had the power to give them back their old homes, and who would fight for him against the one who destroyed it . Hmm....

So, The Medusa Cascade has to do with the creation, destruction, etc etc etc of planets.

Em xXx


dougs ' s post here -http://community.livejournal.com/doctorwho/3115115.html has inspired me     [info]dougshttp://community.livejournal.com/doctorwho/3115115.html

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